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Urban Recycling Art. Voorheen Kunst Per Kilo, nu Steampunk Art.


In 1999 I started my cultural adventure with designing and manufacture 3D inflatable objects used to decorate major national and international events. In 2003 I founded theatre Vistazo because I wanted to realize my ambition to become a (street) theatre producer. These days Theatre Vistazo still travels through Europe with several shows. For more information please visit the website Theatre Vistazo
In 2006 I started my experimental journey as a metal artist under a pseudonym “ Kunstperkilo” (freely translated: artperkilo.) In 2012 I changed my pseudonym to “Steampunk art” because of the growing international interest and because of my recurring and recognizable style which can be classified as Steampunk. Whatch my biography from 1999 untill 2009 on YouTube

Welcome to the world of Steampunk:

Enter a world filled with beauty, creativity and innovating technology. A world in which steam power and technology intertwine to create machines that are not only functional and practical, but also unique and striking. The Art of Steampunk celebrates the vision of Steampunk artists from around the world, providing a unique insight into the captivating and dynamic world of a vastly underground genre. Welcome to the mysterious world of Steampunk.

Recycling waste of our industrial society is the inspiration of my artwork:

All sculptures are entirely hand made from recycled scrap such as metal, copper, brass and steel. I create art with all kinds of technology and techniques to soften the design despite the roughness and robust properties of the material itself. Therefore I create art with a respectful atmosphere and sometimes funny or even cynical view of reality. I've created various works of art such as lamps and clocks who've been made from all kinds of metal scrap into unique decorative and functional art with an industrial characteristic atmosphere.

Most of my sculptures are custom made but I also have plenty objects which can be purchased immediately. Every sculpture is unique but on request I can make a replica of previous work. The differences in those replicas can be seen in unique details and therefore remain one-of-a-kind pieces. My artwork knows no boundaries and all sculptures can be shipped worldwide.

How to become a Steampunk-Art owner:

You can simply purchase items that are available by clicking the Buy Now button. You will be redirected to the security page of Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal Account you can choose several other options for payment. After receiving your payment it can take 30 to 60 days until the item is delivered depending on the shipping location. Items can also be picked up at the store in the Netherlands. The address of the store is Steenweg 25A Sittard Netherlands.

Steenweg 25a
6131 BB Sittard
Telefoon 06 - 28 55 66 04


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