Archief Crazy Cult Roadshow, Vortex Surfer.

It is a stormy night when a travelling circus crashes in the hills of Limburg, Holland. Four mentally disturbed freaks manage to escape from their cages and discover an identical musical drive which motivates them to set up their own, sick roadshow. Packed with gear, microphones, guitars and amplifiers, the circus finds its way through the shady and dark places that come along during this unique journey. No one is safe and escape is never an option when it comes to the dirty rock sound. Four outcasts, ready to take over the world; an apocalyptic tour had begun. Crazy Cult Roadshow is on the way… With the subtlety of old B-movies, this rock machine rumbles at full speed with noise that sounds like a nasty cocktail of garage, stoner, grunge- and hardrock. Imagine: Kyuss on speed, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on crack, Alice in Chains on ecstacy and Death From Above 1979 on coke. A quartet with a lot of stage experience has joined forces to bounce both balls and breasts. Roofs will collapse and buildings will break down when Crazy Cult Roadshow is in the house. A band that stands for chaos and crazy shows is ready to scrape the dirtiest rotten pieces out of the bottom of the boiling kettle of life. Get ready! In december 2017 presenteerde Vortex Surfer haar debuutalbum Skypusher. Dit in eigen beheer uitgebrachte album ademt pure, rauwe rock uit. Opzwepende dynamische nummers met ruimte voor psychedelische en noisy escapades.